What we do

Activities and Programs

  • "The Valley" Community Center”
  • Situated in the valley of the city of Galați, the Community Center supports over 40 children from vulnerable families to continue their school education and to have proper care. Here the children receive a hot lunch and help with their homework; they have access to a hot shower; they participate in art workshops, computer lessons, reading hours, English language, sewing lessons, gardening and other practical activities. Also, the children benefit from donations we receive for school supplies and clothing, as well as social assistance, counseling, and support for accessing social and health services. Above everything, the children find a space in which they are safe and in which they are accepted. In this way, the children have a real chance at a better future.

  • Educational Support for children in the Tudor Vladimirescu village.

  • The 15 children that are supported are from disadvantaged families in the village and receive support to continue their school education. They receive a daily cold lunch, have access to hot showers, and participate in activities for education and life-skill development. All of the children are enrolled in local schools, but our center is the only service of its kind in the village.

  • Summer Camp

  • "I can hardly wait to go to camp! I heard it's fantastic!” Marius, 8 years old Over 40 children participate every summer in camp in the mountaints. This experience is unique and signficant in their lives. Here they can see life without violence, abuse and all sorts of neglect. They have healthy meals three times a day. They sleep safe and sound in a clean bed that is theirs and theirs alone. They enjoy hiking, mountain biking, archery, horseback riding, reading, arts and crafts, trampoline jumping and a camp fire. They can simply enjoy childhood. Here they see rivers and mountains. And the horizon is opened, room is created in their hearts, and hope for a better life.

  • Community Development

  • Parental education
    We support parents and families so that they can better care for their own children. Adults participate in courses on developing parental skills, child rearing and education, health and hygiene, and literacy.

  • Activities for a more beautiful and cleaner neighborhood

  • Together with the children and the families from our programs, along with volunteers, we organize regular outings to clean and collect the litter from the streets in the valley of the city. This is one of the practical ways in which we are involved in the life of the city and the neighborhood. Also, it is a good opportunity to learn and remember, together with the children, that it is everyone's responsibility to actively contribute to the community.

  • Support for families in marginalized neighborhoods

  • Our involvement in the community also entails visiting and offering material support to families that live in improvized housing on the edges of our city. For families with little resources and often times with many children with many social and health problems, every day is a real challenge. Whether we bring them Christmas gifts, carols, open arms and good thoughts or basic food stuffs and baby clothes, our support is always helpful because their needs are so great.

  • Awareness raising activities for community involvement

  • Among students at school or university, in businesses or churches, our message is to encourage everyone to get involved in helping those that are facing difficult situations. We organize regular presentations in local churches, giving them opportunities to support the programs that we offer vulnerable children and families. Since 2012, we also participate as a local partner in the National Week for Volunteers,

  • School visits

  • Part of our support for the children is by working in partnership with teachers and schools. In this way we are able to identify the best ways to work together for the long-term benefit of the children.

Who we serve

The children among whom we serve are vulnerable, often finding themselves in one or more of the following situations:
  • At-risk of running away from home;
  • At-risk because their parents have left them to work abroad;
  • At-risk of dropping out of school;
  • At-risk of spending their days and nights begging on the streets;
  • At-risk of being trafficked for sex;
  • At-risk of being abused and exploited;
  • At-risk of social marginalization or ethnic discrimination;
  • At-risk of impeded development or underdevelopment.
The families with whom we work are at risk because of:
  • without secure housing;without access to the health and social systems;
  • vulnerable to domestic violence;
  • without one or both parents;
  • vulnerable to loan sharks;
  • that need support in raising their children;
  • in need of education;
  • in need of employment;
  • in need of support to recover from various addictions.

Our Approach

All of the Word Made Flesh activities begin and develop on the basis of stable and enduring relationships. 
We have adopted the this approach because:
  • those with whom we develop relationships suffer from broken and dysfunctional relationships or lack of community;
  • we do not claim to have solutions for other people’s problems but together we work for a better future;
  • we contest the dualities of “benefactor/beneficiary” and “donor/receptor”; instead we promote reciprocity.
  • cei mai mulţi dintre cei printre care lucrăm suferă din cauza relațiilor disfuncționale din viețile lor sau pentru că nu au în jur oameni care să-i susţină.
The goal of all of our activities is holistic personal development and follows four pillars of personal development: respectful, responsible, trustworthy, and fun to be around.

Annual Reports

In our annual reports (in Romanian), you can find out about our projects, activities, results and involvement in past years:
Raport anual 2015
Raport anual 2014
Raport anual 2013
Raport anual 2012
Raport anual 2011
Raport anual 2010

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