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”Everyday we try to help the children understand that they can make a difference in their lives through their choices and their attitudes toward others.”

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A better future for vulnerable children through personal development

Word Made Flesh Romania

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Who are we

A better future for vulnerable children

Word Made Flesh was founded in Galați in April 2001 as a nonprofit, non-governmental organization established to help vulnerable persons (indifferent of their nationality, gender, race, religion, political convictions or social origins). We are based on Christian perspectives and principles. We collaborate with members of the Pentecostal churches, Baptist churches, Brethren churches, Romanian Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, among others.

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What do we do?

Activities and Projects

Everyday we support children and families through "the Valley" Community Center, we provide educational support in the Tudor Vladimirescu village, we offer an unforgettable summer camp, and we work towards community development.

Our approach

All of the Foundation's activities work toward holistic personal development and pursue main pillars of personal formation: respectful, responsible, trustworthy and fun to be around.

Who we support

We support vulnerable children and families that are at-risk.

Annual Reports

In our annual reports you can find out about our projects, activities, results from this and past years.


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Between helping with homework and playing with the kids, we also make time to reply to messages.

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Fundatia Cuvântul Întrupat
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