For just 30 cents you can provide bread for a child for a day!

For just $1.50 you can purchase 2 notebooks for a child that we help go to school!

For just $3.30 you can provide a hot meal for a child at the Community Center!

For just $10 you can provide a school backpack for a child that we help go to school!

For just $25 you can buy shoes for a child that suffered from cold feet last winter!

For $300 a month you can support a Romanian educator who provides a stable and loving relationship for vulnerable children!

Donating in the US:

Credit Card: Click here to pay by credit card: Please designate your gift to “WMF Romania”.

Check or Money Order: You may send your gifts in the form of check or money order with this form to the following address: Word Made Flesh 304 Maxey St, Wilmore, KY 40390, USA.

Word Made Flesh will receipt you for all gifts made by check or money order at the time of the gift. As a courtesy to you, we will also provide a year-end summary of giving. Please designate your gift to “WMF Romania”

Automated Deduction: You can set up automated donations from your checking account. It’s easy and our preferred method of giving because there are no processing fees when you give in this way. That means that more of your money goes directly to the people who need it most. Just download the form, fill it out, include a voided check and mail it to our office. Easy!

All gifts to Word Made Flesh are tax deductible. Many employers offer a matching gift for any employee’s gift to a charitable non-profit organization. Please check with your employer to see if they offer this service.

WMF and its Board of Directors honor the intention of every gift. However, as per regulations in the Internal Revenue Code for non-profit organizations, WMF cannot permit the receipting of charitable, tax-deductible gifts that are restriced by the donor for a specific purpose. If a donor gives to WMF, in with the Internal Revenue Service regulations, the donor releases all dominion of the donation.

Donating in the UK: Make donations to: PCF Romania Projects 20 Worcester Grove Perton, W olverhampton WV6 7XE *Please Specify That The Donation Is For Galati. For tax effective giving, the easiest method is for the donor to complete a Gift Aid Form when they send their donation.

Make a direct donation through a bank transfer

In USD: RO98RNCB0141032869370002 In GBP: RO71 RNCB 0141032869370003 In EURO: RO65 RNCB 0748032869370025 In RON: RO28RNCB0141032869370001

Bank Address: Banca Comercială RomânăAgenţia Port Galaţi Str. Portului nr. 25, bl. Siret 4, sc. 9 Galaţi România Swift Code: RNCBROBU Word Made Flesh Romania Address: Fundaţia Cuvântul Întrupat Strada Dogariei, Nr. 111 Galaţi , 800.225 In Romania: (click here to donate:

With 1 Dollar you give bread to a child each day!
With 1 dollar you can buy 2 a notebook to help a child go to school.
With 6 dollarsi you can give a new backpack to a child that may not have one to go to school with.
With 20 dollars you can give a child new shoes to protect their feet in the cold winter.

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